• About Stern-IT

Our core believes and most important values

Who we are…

SternIT provides exceptional IT management and support for global chip designers, communications service providers and next-generation equipment providers. Specializing in Linux-based CAD-IT, grid computing, configuration management and automated installations, SternIT optimizes your resources so you achieve unprecedented IT performance with unmatched cost savings.


You reliable partner in software systems, as well as infrastructure setup, support, and project management, SternIT’s end-to-end consulting and outsourcing enables you to achieve your IT goals, however ambitious, simply, efficiently and effectively.

Our Goals!

Our main task is to create an efficient development environment together with process management across all the way from the beginning of the product to the latest production version.

Process efficiency improves the product development process, reduces risk and lowers development and infrastructure costs.

We are part of your Developers and operation team

SternIT serves your organization through skilled support crews that provide unique expertise in technologies, Linux and advanced Devops . SternIT works hand in hand with your team to determine and implement the most effective service structure with uncompromising quality control – all to your complete satisfaction.
Integrated Solutions

Combinations of developers and operation are frequently required for end-to-end solutions. SternIT has the expertise to support you in all aspects of integrated projects, including planning, installation and maintenance for single and distributed sites. We can help you convert working environments, upgrade systems, implement new technologies and get you up and running swiftly on new applications.