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With our experience we running functionality such as:

Speedup Ttm (Time To Market).

Increase The Frequency And Quality Of Software Releases

by optimised workflow and automations (continuous integration and continuous deployment).

Increase Product Scalability And Flexibility

Achieve High Level Of Uptime And Availability

Reduce Costs From An Unnecessary Over-Provisioned Infrastructure

Reduce Costs By Devops Automation And Productivity

As quoted at The agile admin article :  “Effectively, you can define DevOps at the top level as system administrators participating in the product development process alongside developers and using a many of the same techniques for their systems work.”

DevOps is a method to product and service delivery that focuses on improving the collaboration between development and operations teams which forms a cross-skilled team to facilitate the release the of reliable application with the goal of business agility and quality of service .

DevOps brings many new methods and tools with it including a strong emphasis on automation technologies and streamlining processes.

DevOps consulting services by Stern-IT:

Stern-IT DevOps Consulting Services help you construct your DevOps strategy and roadmap to create much greater business value to your organization as measured by productivity and profitability:

Our goal is to streamline the flow of the whole lifecycle of your Product, from design, build, test ,and down to implementation, release, deploy and monitor.

As part of our DevOps practise,Stern-IT will help you to:

  • Assess organization readiness for DevOps methodology.
  • Equip your team with whole DevOps toolset.
  • Automate builds & processes.
  • Move towards Continuos Deployment.
  • Migrate application and Datacenters into the cloud.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the whole process .
  • Real-Time information Dashboards for each team.

Our team of highly skilled DevOps engineers, will work hand in hand with you to help you become more agile and improve your software cycle efficiency.


With our experience we running functionality such as:

EDA tools installation and customization

With immense knowledge of the CAD tools environment by writing SKILL, python, Perl, bash and tcsh.


By changing the license to resource we know how to optimize the license during long and short jobs.

Grid Computing

Integration and support of all type of grid into CAD environment.

Full Integration of configuration

Full Integration of configuration management into CAD environment that mange by unique scripts and tools.

Unique solution to manage R&D storage

Unique solution to manage R&D storage area that include scripts monitoring and alerts

User working area

wrappers, common environment, scripts and tools.

Version Control

Version Control, bug tracking and other databases to manage the CAD infrastructure.


Alerts, Statistics and Monitors that represented by mail notification.


Availability, Scalability and Manageability of entire CAD environment.

We know that the CAD licenses is expensive resources more than anything else  in the organizations then our goal is to create high performance system that minimizing jobs schedule and this allow to optimize CAD licenses .

For seamless CAD performance, a thorough understanding of CAD flow is key. With many years of experience Stern-IT can help you optimize the proprietary of your entire CAD environment. We deliver unprecedented technological knowledge in any CAD environment that includes: Area of Analog, Digital, workspaces, integration of GRID systems and CRM, management tools, effectively manage licenses and system alerts.

We’ve redefined troubleshooting with cutting-edge monitoring that keeps you a step ahead of potential bottlenecks and our CAD workflow automation enables new levels of scalability, reliability and performance for your total design environment.

To keep your engineering team’s one step ahead, your EDA toolset needs to work seamlessly. SternIT supports your most critical applications to keep you on schedule – every day. With a deep understanding of proprietary and open source CAD applications, we not only keep your tools sharp, we power up your workflow efficiency. Supporting the full range of development platforms and environments, SternIT helps you troubleshoot, automate and assign licenses with unmatched availability and efficiency.

We work in full cooperation with all vendors such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor .. To resolve problems most effectively, our CAD engineers undergo the trainings and seminars in order to stay with the top level of the support.

With more than 20 years of experience in chip design environment we are offering to our customers designing, customization and configuration of Linux / CAD environment.

Our job is to build / support and customize entire CAD environment that start from designing through implementation and finally live CAD environment based on R&D requirement that focusing on save and optimize licenses and engineer time.


With our experience we running functionality such as:

Stern-IT maintains an uncompromising quality control and customer suitability

Quality and Reliability

Linux Server Administration

Service & Support

OS Security and Hardening

Linux OS 3rd party services (proxies/web/firewalls/database and more)

Capacity Analysis and management

Storage Systems architecture

shell & high-level languages scripting

Company has extensive experience in the face of external entities related to business computing, experience in training and work remotely.

Stern-IT Was founded in 2009, Stern-IT focuses on providing computing solutions and consultancy to organizations, businesses and institutions.

Stern-IT understands the importance of providing service and support in a quick, efficient, professional and quality and invests considerable resources in carefully selecting and training staff. Stern-IT controls the quality of service and provides its customers with the highest quality products and the most advanced on the market.

Stern-IT offers its customers professional and skilled team of service professionals and support. Team of consultants computing technologies, Linux and virtualization most advanced, suitable for the service structure needs.

Stern-IT maintains an uncompromising quality control and customer suitability.

Implementation of infrastructure projects that combine cloud and software to provide a comprehensive solution. Establishment of a full IT envaronment. Installation and maintenance for single-site and distributed sites. Conversion of progressive organizations working environment, upgrading systems, implementing new technologies and applications. Solutions for the Hitech market.

Quality and Reliability

Stern-IT understands the importance of providing service and support in a quick, efficient, professional, quality and invests considerable resources in carefully selecting and training staff. Stern-IT controls the quality of service and provides its customers with the highest quality products and the most advanced on the market.

Service & Support

Today more than ever, we realize that in order to increase our customers loyalty, we should focus on creating loyalty of customers to the brand.

Ability to produce experience in every interaction, providing experienced value, is critical to achieving customer satisfaction and willingness to remain loyal to the customer.

Therefore, there is a need to strengthen the ability of managers and employees in managing the IT of organization, by moving and sharing of knowledge.

We at Stern-IT provide to our customers the highest level of service, which includes onsite and remote support models with highest level of on-site support enables on a regular basis or in part on.

This support includes telephone and remote support in the event of an urgent problem for all working days.

Our HelpDesk system will insure about 24X7 with 4 hours SLA response time for urgent fault.

Our expert team are responsible for assisting IT and development group in solving technical problems and for investigating elevated issues by remote support.